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Colleen Pettiford

Colleen Pettiford
Owner of Herbs a la Cart and inventor of the Herbmobile

A florist by trade, Colleen has worked in the flower and nursery industries for many years, both here in Australia and in the UK.

Colleen has significant experience as a retail florist, having both owned and managed retail flower shops.

In Colleen's words

People are busy and very time poor these days. They conform to the trend of low maintenance, sustainable organic gardening. In the inner suburbs, the available space is mostly balconies, courtyards and decks.

My clients were looking for an easy solution to grow their fresh herbs. They weren't having a lot of success with pot growing. It was too much water, not enough water, too much sun, pots too heavy to move and a long way to bend!

This awakened my mind to the design of a portable garden on wheels that was light, easy to assemble, easy to reach, wheelchair friendly, kid friendly and accessible for all.

The Herbmobile is my answer

  • it's a spacesaver
  • it's moveable
  • it's reachable
  • it's attractive
  • and it's portable

I wish you, your family and friends happy growing in The Herbmobile.


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