Easy for kids

Herb planter

The Herbmobile offers a new portable solution for teaching kids to grow fresh produce and have fun at the same time!

It is easy for them to reach, it offers the opportunity for four separate growing troughs. Four children could have a trough each!

Great for schools

Each class at school could have their own 'Herbmobile'. It's a great portable learning tool for teachers.

The Herbmobile is great for schools that only have asphalt schoolyards. The kids won’t miss out on growing skills.

Kids learn about growing

The Herbmobile can help you teach them:

  • How to plant
  • When to water
  • How to pick
  • When to cut back
  • When to re-plant
  • How to germinate

Take their learning further by letting kids:

  • Make up their own recipes
  • Share their progress with others
  • Have Herbmobile parties
  • Share their produce

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