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Today there has been a great surge of renewed awareness in herbs. Health conscious cooks have found that herbs contain no calories or fat - a fact of great importance to those on weight loss diets.

Doctors even recommend the use of herbs and spices in salt-restricted diets to enhance flavor without adding sodium content. Research shows that 68% of Australians are now growing their own fresh herbs as a hobby with the end results in cooking as just an added bonus.

We have selected herbs that are most popular and easiest to grow in Australia. The Herbmobile has been designed to hold a maximum of 2 or 4 décor planters, each with their own water reservoir for easy watering. We recommend three herbs to each planter, allowing you to plant 6 or 12 of your favourite herbs.

Herbs not to plant

Mint needs to be planted in its own pot or in the garden as it grows and spreads very quickly. Rosemary grows into a small shrub and is best planted in its own pot or in the garden.

Recommended herbs to grow

Planting your herbs

  • Cover the bottom of your planter with horticultural charcoal. This will keep the soil sweet
  • Use only premium potting mix. The planter will take 12 litres of soil
  • Fill the planter half way with soil if planting potted herbs
  • Water soil in planter
  • Remove herb plants from pot and stand on soil 150mm apart
  • Fill around plants with soil until top of plants are covered and water
  • Fill water reservoir

During summer/autumn, herbs prefer a shaded position with light. In winter/spring, your herb garden can tolerate a sunny position. If you are in a frost area, we suggest you grow indoors in a light warm position during the coldest months.

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