Growing tips

Herb planter

Water check

First check the soil dampness by poking your finger into the soil. If the soil is dry, give a light mist watering overhead.

Next check the water resevoir. If it is empty, refill. Your herbs will need more watering during the summer months, and very little during winter. Most herbs prefer dry conditions, and don’t like to get wet feet.

Light check

Your Herbmobile makes it easy for you to move around to the best location for light as the seasons change. Herbs need about 6 hours of light every day.

Find a spot that only has some full sun for part of the time. Morning sun is the most gentle. Herbs do not like full hot sun, especially in summer. 60% light is good.

Fertilizer check

We found that by using premium potting mix, herbs can look after themselves. If the soil level gets low, just top up with some more potting mix and they will continue to grow happily.

Picking your herbs

Always pick the outside leaves and pinch off any flowers or dead leaves when they appear. Read more about harvesting and storing your herbs.

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